Absolutely the best place for car repair in Chandler!! This shop is honest and ethical! They are also very friendly and priced competitively. They worked on my car for over 5 hours and put $300 worth of parts in it, but when they found that it couldn’t be repaired, they didn’t charge me a dime! I have been back several times since! They are always easy to get in to, and easy to work with. I highly recommend them to everyone. They won a life long customer in me!!


I took my car in for a check up here- My car is 9 years old and hasnt had a check up in some years, and I was also hearing a scraping noise when driving over bumps.  I was expecting to pay a hefty amount in some kind of repairs, but they did a check up and found everything running just fine.  The scraping ended up being a simple, superficial issue that they fixed on the spot at no charge.  They did not upsell me at all, and were very honest with me, telling me that my car was in good condition and needed no repairs whatsoever.  So the check up was completely free, and I left with peace of mind knowing that my car is doing great.  I will definitely be taking my car here for many years to come.


It is so hard to find a good mechanic that will not just try to take your money for nothing. This place is fantastic!  I was told somewhere else that I needed a tire alignment and instead of just selling me on it they told me or want necessary. I was in and out so fatty. No unnecessary waiting. I would recommend this place to anyone who will listen. BEST MECHANIC EVER!



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